Lifepo4 battery from Aliexpress 1
Monday, May 10, 2021     equipment,         electric,   lifepo4,   aliexpress,

I bought a 120Ah from Aliexpress last year.

Now I realized that this wasn’t super smart because
I would like to have a battery with bluetooth and temperature protection
integrated and remove the shunt from my setup.
So I opened up the battery and ordered a new BMS.
A good opportunity to look inside the cheap battery and enhance the connectors and cables.
For less than the third of the price of a branded battery from a local online store
it doesn’t look that bad I think.
They have build in a 100A BMS although I didn’t ordered a specific one, which is nice. The cables and connectors could be thicker if someone would like to
use the BMS up to it’s limit and discharge with 100A.
The terminals of the cells don’t look like new to me.
They have traces of tightening more then once with different tools
then what would be needed for the small screws.
I read somewhere that “some” sellers from alibaba/aliexpress sell used cells.
I don’t want to accuse the seller of that and I don’t have any proof.
I actually also don’t care if they would have only 1000 cycles left.
I like to reuse things and I would probably buy used ones if they were cheaper.
But if this is important to you you should pay attention to this.
Now I have to wait 4 weeks for the BMS to arrive to put the battery back together …