turning the hull, summary first part of the built
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We turned the hull with the Travellift which was quite uncomplicated.

I had some worries if it would work without damaging anything. But in the end, as so often, it wasn’t that big of a deal. The hull is also pretty light. Maybe 300kg.

Unlike Annie I didn’t glue the keel to the boat at this stage, because I haven’t build the keel yet. Still collecting lead.

I was really looking forward for the first step inside the boat. I’m still pretty happy with all the decisions regarding the layout. Great boat so far. With the looming winter I began to close the hull with putting on the cabin roof. On the last photo in the gallery I think it looks really beatifull. Right now with seeing the actual boat for the first time I’m thinking of keeping the bow closed unlike on FanShi. Just have to think about how to minimise chain friction with a bow roller then. I saw an old photo of a real Junk with a closed bow and the anchor hanging with the fluk from the top of the bow. Don’t now if my description makes sense, but sadly I can’t find the photo anymore. If I will ever find that photo again, I will possibly post it here.

As a little summary for the second part of the build some words about time and money:

What $$$
Plywood 10x10mm 3x12mm 600 €
Epoxy 13kg 172 €
Glass biax 160g 63sqm 143 €
Epoxy 13kg + pigment 224 €
Epoxy 13kg + Glass 229 €
Isopropanol 62 €
Plywood 95mm, 1510mm, 10*12mm 1300 €
Epoxy 45kg + 127m² 160g biax + 30m² 320g biax 948 €
Gloves, Mixing Cups, screws, brushes … 132 €
Bolts, washers etc. keel 158 €
Epoxy 45kg + additives 700€
Peel ply 25m² 70€
——– ————
Total 4738€

This is OK and fits the budget. There is much ply left. Also Epoxy and Glass. The larch for the stringers isn’t included so far. While writing this and being already further with the project, I still think that 20.000€ is doable for the boat.

The spend hours at this point are again not pretty accurate and more a rough orientation:

hours project
124 Stations pre build
25 Skeg
10 bottom/ bow
15 backbone
238 hull
40 hull laminating
38 deck