Some Color
Friday, Aug 4, 2023     sibling,         rudders,   hull,

While the boat was outside the shed, I built the rudders and the lids for the cockpit lockers.

There aren’t pictures from the lids. I built a mould and laminated them with CSM and polyester resin. Not pretty but a simple and cost efficient way for me. I will take pictures when they are faired and coated :)

I mostly shaped the rudders and the trim tabs with a router and a jig and laminated them over. I also drilled all holes for the lashings and glued deadwood the the stern where the rudders will be attached. Also no pictures of that so far.

Next I began to finish the topsides of the hull. I glued a rubbing strake out of larch to the hull. First I thought that it would be good or good enough to have the rubbing strake only in the middle section of the boat. I was convinced, that except for laziness, there are no good reasons against glueing a long one from bow to stern. The lazy me lost this time and I scarved the larch and extended it. Retrospective stupid, because this made more work then building it over the full length from the beginning. I laminated cloth over the larch, glued the actual and more sacrificial rubbing strake out of spruce to it and painted it with epoxy and green 2k PU. All of this rubbing strake topic took me (surprise) way longer then expected and I had the urge to do something that would look like a real accomplishment. It would have been better doing this after all other structural work is finished because it will produce extra work in future, but I decided to paint the hull. I’m aware that many people dislike the colour, I quiet like it. If this will change in a few years, it will not be that much work to paint another one. It is obviously no gelcoat but rolled 2K PU. To sand, clean, tape and roll another colour shouldn’t take more than 6 hours and cost not more then 50€.

There is also something to say about the bow. Like mentioned in an earlier post, I really liked the closed bow. I still do but I couldn’t figure out a useful solution how to deal with the anchor. So I had to cut it open as a compromise. A bit sad but OK.