Foredeck, mast box
Thursday, Jan 25, 2024     sibling,         Mast,

With the sort of mast I wanted to order and the wood that I had available, David came up with the idea of the mast box, because I don’t think that I will need a real tabernacle. To be honest, I never want to lower the mast again once it’s up. :) (small mast cranes are also very common and inexpensive to use here)

The mast will be keel stepped and supported up to the upper end of the mast box. The mast box itself is laminated to the cabin/bulkhead and the backbone.

I built the box out of 2 layers of 15mm ply and ash. A befriended boat builder and small saw mill operator gifted me some logs of Ash. I had the joy of cutting them into triangular pieces and I laminated everything together and the box in place. The post will also get a collar at the top end later. The mast will be a 12m long conical tube with a diameter of 177mm at the bottom and a wall thickness of 5mm. I think I would also like a hybrid mast, but I don’t have the time to build one now or later.

I like Annie’s Delilah posts so I decided to build something similar and a wooden post in the front of the foredeck. I also did a green decorative strip, glued foot railish things, frames for the windows and I built fundaments for the mid ship cleats.