Interior part 1
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The last photo in the last post was from end of October 23. With my plan to sell my van and move onto the boat before spring 24, I had about 5 months to “finish” the interior.

This surprisingly turned out as tight schedule. How long can it take to build these few plywood parts and to glue the insulation to the hull? It’s always the same … :)

I began with the bilge and the floor boards. I laminated plywood to the stringers and the backbone for the floor boards to land on. Later I laminated the floor boards to the hull. This is overall really solid. As there is always a downside or compromise, the bilge won’t be that accessible in the future. I also didn’t connected the segments for water flow in between. This could turn out really annoying in the future. But I really thought about it and couldn’t find a better solution so far.

For the kitchen area I will use so called “Euro container” (or the wonderful bureaucratic German name Kleinladungsträger(KLT) ). They have proven useful in my van over the last years. They are durable, light, available in pink :) , with good airflow and because of the standardized size widely available.

I couldn’t find a simpler solution, so I had to laminate wood for the bulkheads. I’m always annoyed by these tasks that take much time, consume a lot of wood and epoxy and are to a big part cosmetic. But it’s finished and it looks good. I also bought a new outboard. This is also controversial. I have a older(2003) 6HP 2 cylinder Honda here but I decided to buy a new and lighter(1cyl.) 5HP high torque one with a integrated Tank. I intend to use it as little as possible, but if I need a engine I want it to start right away and don’t have to pull it 15 times. This was a expensive decision.

There was also this dome topic … I’m not quite sure if the dome will be useful. I mean it is at the best possible place with the biggest possible diameter but it is the last part I added to the setup and there were not that much options left.

I insulated everything above the waterline with 20 or 40mm XPS. The cable conduits are also integrated in the sides. A company sold tons of quality MS Polymer bags with BBD 07/23 for 1€ each on Ebay. I used these to glue the XPS and the plywood. I can’t imagine how hard, expensive and time consuming it was, to build a boat back in the days.