cut out all stations and first plywood scarfed
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I ordered 10 10mm (7Layers) sheets for the bulkheads and 3 12mm for the backbone.

The ply is most likely made of pinus sylvestris. The seller couldn’t tell me where the wood came from so it can possibly be another sort of pine.

The drawing was easy thanks to LibreCAD and Davids plans.

All parts cut out. This are about half of the leftover cutoffs. I used only 8 sheets for the stations, so 2 sheets spare for later.

It was the first time I could get something like a physical idea how it will be inside the cabin. That was nice :)

I also started to scarf the plywood. I never done this before so I wasn’t sure how challenging it would be. For the first try it went okay I think and it isn’t that hard. I used mainly the electric planer and a orbital sander for the finish.


What For? $$$
Plywood 10x10mm 3x12mm Stations & Backbone 600 €
Epoxy 13kg Stations & Backbone 172 €
Glass biax 160g 63sqm Stations & Backbone 143 €
Epoxy 13kg + pigment Stations & Backbone 224 €
Epoxy 13kg + Glass Stations & Backbone 229 €
Isopropanol * 62 €
——– ————- ——-
Total 1430€



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