Introducing the project
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What am I doing here?

I’m building a 27 foot sail boat. It is a design by David Tyler. The boat was at first designed according to the needs of Annie Hill. Annie documented the build in her blog. Although Annie’s criteria are quite similar to mine David kindly altered the design at a few points for me. The specifications are:

Sail Area40m²

The big difference to Annie’s design is, that my boat will not have bilge boards but more draft. There will be also more headroom and some changes to the layout so that I can live more comfortably with my 1,85m. I will try to document the costs and the process here as good as possible.


What For? $$$
Plywood 10x10mm 3x12mm Stations & Backbone 600 €
Epoxy 13kg Stations & Backbone 172 €
Glass biax 160g 63sqm Stations & Backbone 143 €
Epoxy 13kg + pigment Stations & Backbone 224 €
Epoxy 13kg + Glass Stations & Backbone 229 €
Isopropanol * 62 €
——– ————- ——-
Total 1430€



this is a blog mostly about building a sailboat out of plywood.

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