¾ 2021
Saturday, Nov 27, 2021     sibling,         skeg,   bulkheads,

I last posted ~ 4 months ago, but I haven’t been idle during that time. I finished station 4 and 6 and the temporary stations 5 and 7.

Here is station 4 where you can see the double berth on the left and the access to the heads on the right.

Station 6 will be the aftmost bulkhead of the cabin with the opening for the companionway. It looks like I forgot to make a picture after gluing, laminating and framing, but I have done all this also.

Stations 5 and 7 are temporary and will be removed after the hull is turned around. In german they are called “Mallspanten”. I build them out of OSB leftovers what was the cheapest possible way.

I build the skegs out of pine and larch. I also laminated and faired them and they are more or less ready to be installed. Sorry, no photo so far. They still need to be finally faired and I think about laminating a strip of dead wood for the rudder attachment. But this will be done when the hull is build up.

Some words about the speed of my progress and my time schedule. I’m building the boat while working full time at the boatyard and I’m also about 4 months away from home for work reasons. From the beginning I’m calculating with 3+ years and I don’t intend to end up burned out with an unfinished pile of plywood. I’m also not that ambitious with the documentation, so don’t worry. I can access the shed for setting up the stations from March till October so my plan is to prebuild as much as possible this winter. If I can work effective over the next summer my goal is to set up the stations, to sheet, laminat and turn the hull and build all the deck structures to a point where the next winter won’t hurt the plywood. Next week I will order the rest of the plywood for hull and deck. Keep your fingers crossed that there is enough left out there with all the problems in the supply chains.

Frank <3