Finishing the hull
Monday, Sep 26, 2022     sibling,         hull,

After being away for 4 weeks I came back and knew that I had 1,5 Months to bring the hull to a stage, where it can rest over the winter in a cradle outside without taking damage from rain and snow. This seemed possible even more because I had 2 weeks of vacation from my day job. So I hopped to build the majority of the hull in this 2 weeks.

As always when it comes to boat projects, everything took longer than expected. This is actually not really worth mentioning because well known by everybody. Still I underestimated the work regarding all stringers/ chinelogs massively. How much time could it take to glue 10 pieces of wood to the stations? Should be done in 1 week. I (try to) keep track of the hours but not for every sub sub project. So I can only estimate from the overall hours for the entire hull. I think the stringers/ chinelogs took me overall 80-100 hours and the result is far from perfect when it comes to curves and joints. Because of the deadline I had the feeling that I had to force the completion and deal with the outcome later. The planking of the hull went ok overall. It was also time consuming and sometimes very difficult to handle the plywood alone but I had much more satisfaction because of the way more visible progress. The only thing I honestly dislike is the way of the landing of the panels at the chinelogs. What I did has nothing to do with something like a wood boat builders elegance in anyway. It will work out as planed, but next time I would stick to David’s plans rather than trying to find smarter shortcuts. ;)

Then there were only a few days of laminating left. I laminated 4 staggered layers of 320g/m² biax over the chines, 1layer 320g biax underwater and 1 layer 160g biax at the topsides. The bottom panel/keel area will get some additional layers when I laminate the keel to the hull next year.

Next, turning the hull …